BMW ranks third in the annual Interbrand World’s Most Valuable Cars. At the top of the list in 2018, we have Toyota, with an estimated brand value of $53-billion, a 6% increase compared to 2017. Mercedes-Benz ($48-billion, +2%) grabbed second place followed by BMW, ($41-billion, -1%) and Honda ($23-billion,+2%) in third and fourth place respectively. A new entry on its list is Subaru ($4.2-billion).

“In the midst of unprecedented disruption, automotive brands find themselves evolving from being one-off transaction-focused to enduring-relationship-oriented,” said Doug Karnes, senior director of automotive at Interbrands. “Today’s brands that invest wisely in technology to enhance the customer experience will not only survive, but thrive.”

“The future of automotive will be about creating brand value through the formation of brand ecosystems that can deliver great customer experiences at every opportunity. We are moving from transactions to relationships.

“Those automotive brands that understand this and can deliver delight to their customers today will thrive in the future and command the greatest brand value tomorrow. The race is on.”

The overall Best Global Brands rankings are dominated by Silicon Valley giants – Apple, Google and Amazon. BMW ranks 13th in the same list.