BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant seems to be the next step in the brand’s development. Sure, better engines, longer range on EVs and autonomous driving are all good but, in accordance with the Vision models unveiled a while back, it looks like an assistant powered by AI will become the norm. It’s not a bad idea either as this seems to be a direction in which not only car makers are heading but also other technology companies.

With Alexa, Siri or Google Home, we’re getting more done in a shorter amount of time, simplifying our lives. That’s what the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant aims for as well. The system will learn your preferences or preferred settings for various situations. Furthermore, the range of functions and skills available will be constantly expanded as part of regular updates, which can be carried out seamlessly on a smartphone and in-car by Remote Software Upgrade.

One unique feature over other digital assistants is that drivers can give the Intelligent Personal Assistant a name, for example, “Charlie” or “Joy” as is the case in the video below. Not only does the system await the driver’s every command, he is always there to assist them and even provide casual conversation if need be (“Hey BMW, what’s the meaning of life?”). He is familiar with the vehicle’s functions and is able to operate them as required.

Saying “Hey BMW, I’m cold” will prompt the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant to adjust the temperature inside the car accordingly. The assistant will benefit from constant technical upgrades and be able to learn more and more preferences and favored settings. The assistant takes further strides forward with every command given, every question asked and every setting selected and what’s impressive is that it can understand what you’re saying and you don’t have to be specific about what it should do. For a better grasp of what it can do, check out the clip below.