We’re on the verge of seeing the first ever BMW X7 in the flesh, when it finally makes its debut at the L.A. Auto Show. The X7 will not only be a first for the brand but it’s supposed to be the most luxurious car in the Bavarian lineup, with three rows of leather-lined luxury. So, naturally, we’re excited to see it and what BMW can do. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait until November to see some of it, as some new spy photos have surfaced, showing off a lot of the X7’s interior, sans camo. (We don’t own these photos but they can be seen here)

While there’s still some camouflage in these photos, with some black fabric covering the door panels, most of it is exposed for all to see. So the entire dashboard, instrument panel, center console and both the second and third row of seats are visible.

From the front seat, I have to say, the BMW X7 seems a bit disappointing at the moment. It’s not that it isn’t incredibly nice and luxurious, because it is, but because it doesn’t look that much different from the new X5. The wood dash trim is nice and it wraps around the center air vents a bit, where it doesn’t on the X5, and there’s some more leather underneath the HVAC controls. But that’s really about it.

Don’t get me wrong, it looks very nice but the G05-gen BMW X5 already looks so good that it doesn’t seem worth stepping up to the X7 unless you need three rows.

We also get to see the second and third row of chairs. I say chairs because this specific BMW X7 has second-row captain’s chairs, rather than a bench seat. The seats looks lovely, with tons of quilting and contrast stitching. They even have little pillows on the headrests, even if they don’t match the color of the leather. Speaking of color, the two-tone cream and blue is an interesting color option and refreshing from the typical blacks, browns and greys of normal BMW interiors.

One of the nicer touches seems to be in the third row. Between the two seats seems to be a little silver piece that might flip up and expose some controls or something along those lines. There’s also two cupholders for third-row passengers and they even get heir own aluminum climate control switches. There also seems to be a surprising amount of legroom in the third row, which is nice.

While not mind-blowing to look at, we’re sure that the BMW X7 will boast impressive materials and build quality. So it doesn’t really seem that the X7 will not necessarily be the car you steup up to from an X5 for luxury but for space.

[Source: Motor1]