By now, it’s no secret that Tyler Hoovie took out a loan and purchased the cheapest Rolls Royce Phantom in America for around $80,000. Financially, it’s about as terrible an idea you can imagine. However, his videos get a lot of YouTube views, so maybe it works out for him. Either way, it isn’t cheap to own, as Phantom’s aren’t exactly known for their low ownership costs. So how much has his “cheap” Phantom cost him so far?

Well, first, let’s take a look at what’s gone wrong. He needed some coil packs, as he had a misfire in one and, as you know, you shouldn’t replace just one coil. So he had to replace all of the coils. All twelve of them. That wasn’t cheap, even though just one is sort of cheap. Then, he had to have the window regulators sent out to be rebuilt, as they didn’t work. The sunroof had to be fixed as well.

The largest expense, though, came from the wheels and tires. Back in 2004, the Rolls Royce Phantom had a bespoke set of run-flat Michelin tires that required a specific wheel design. Those tires have since been discontinued, so he couldn’t replace them, even though they needed replacing. So he had to buy new wheels, from a 2017 Phantom, and then buy tires and that cost him about $5,000 in total.

In total, after fixing all of the aforementioned issues, along with a few other niggles, Hoovie’s Rolls Royce Phantom ended up costing $7,885 to repair. That’s a lot of money for just a few minor repairs but, even when combined with the initial cost of the car, makes his Phantom an absolute bargain compared to a new one. Still, it’s not a smart idea to go out and buy a cheap (relatively), used Rolls Royce Phantom.