BMW needs to step its EV game up and make some more interesting cars. Seriously. The Bavarians have been teasing the iNEXT Concept for the past weeks or so and it seems to be a strange looking electric crossover/hatchback… thing. Yet, its competitors are coming out with more interesting and exciting luxury cars, such as this new Mercedes-Benz EQ S.

Mercedes is looking to invest about €9-billion into new electric vehicles and one of the main cars its working on will be the EQ S. The Mercedes-Benz EQ S will be a fully-electric, high-end luxury sedan. Judging by its admittedly quite clever naming system, it will sport levels of luxury and technology similar to the S-Class. Though, it won’t be an S-Class variant.

According to Autocar, the Mercedes-Benz EQ S will be a sleek, four-door coupe-like vehicle with the possibility of a liftback tailgate, similar to its own Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door and the Audi A7. That, combined with futuristic styling and an all-electric powertrain, would be a home run for Mercedes.

BMW iNEXT Concept

It’s said that the EQ S will get two electric motors, one at each axle, to give it real-time torque-vectoring all-wheel drive. It will likely be a similar setup to the recently revealed Mercedes EQ C, which uses two motors to make 402 bhp and 564 lb-ft of torque. Though, expect more power in the EQ S, likely above 500 hp and 600 lb-ft.

But it also shows that Mercedes is looking to make EVs attractive, exciting and luxurious. Yet the concepts we get from BMW seem downright dorky by comparison. Admittedly, I was actually quite a fan of the BMW Vision iNEXT Concept from awhile back. I thought it looked appropriately futuristic while also looking sleek and sporty. That’s the sort of design BMW should be shooting for. Not the chunky, crossover-like iNEXT concept that’s more recently been teased.

[Source: Autocar]