If you live in Europe, you might’ve noticed that a lot of dealers have been posting incredible offers online and in their showrooms throughout the month of August. These were really good offers for those interested in buying a car and some might’ve thought they were just too good to be true. The real reason behind these low prices was the new Euro 6d-TEMP exhaust standard which came into force on September 1, forcing dealers to get rid of as much of their stock as possible before that happened.

BMW announced today that more than 190 of its models are already abiding the new rules and have been since July. The cars concerned range from conventionally powered models with petrol or diesel engines to BMW i and BMW iPerformance models and the high-performance sports cars from BMW M. The petrol-engined models are fitted with a gasoline particulate filter to minimize their emissions, while exhaust gas treatment for the diesel models comprises a diesel particulate filter, a NOx storage catalyst and an SCR catalyst with AdBlue injection to reduce nitric oxide emissions.

However, starting this autumn, even more models are joining the ranks. They include the BMW 530d Sedan and BMW 530d Touring, the BMW 530d xDrive Sedan and BMW 530d xDrive Touring, the BMW 540d xDrive Sedan and BMW 540d xDrive Touring, the BMW M550d xDrive Sedan and BMW M550d xDrive Touring. The BMW 630d Gran Turismo, the BMW 630d xDrive Gran Turismo and the BMW 640d xDrive Gran Turismo also fulfill the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard.

This goes to show, once again, that BMW is serious about following the rules set up by the EU in terms of tailpipe emissions. Furthermore, the Germans have no plans of dropping diesel engines altogether for now, at least until the demand for alternatives goes up. Looking at how good electrified cars are performing, the time for a switch from diesels to hybrids might be closer than one would think.