According to iSeeCars, the top five fastest-selling used cars in the United States are either electric models, plug-in hybrids or “traditional hybrids.” The average car stays on dealer lots for 46.4 days before someone purchases it, once again proving the rise in popularity for electrified vehicles. iSeeCars analyzed a four million late-model vehicles to determine which cars sell the slowest, as well as which cars sell the fastest.

At the top of the list is the Toyota Prius C which had an average days on the market of 29.6 days. It was followed by the Tesla Model S (32.4 days) and right after by the BMW i3 (33.4 days) and the regular Prius model. Last in top five was the Chevrolet Volt (34.3 days).

In the United States, BMW currently sells four different variants of their first electric car – the i3. The entry level is the fully-electric i3 priced at $44,450, followed by the i3 with Range Extender – $48,300. The newer and sportier i3s starts at $47,650 for the BEV model and $51,500 for the REX.

To compliment the newer, sportier suspension, the BMW i3S also gets a bump in power. Using a beefier 184 hp and 199 lb-ft electric motor, the i3S is said to get from 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds. That 60 mph time is good enough to take on cars like the Volkswagen Golf, which is impressive for a little EV.

BMW is preparing a new update to their i3 lineup with an upgrade to their battery technology. The BMW i3 120Ah is expected to be unveiled later this month.