The ‘pocket rocket’ term defines cars that are both extremely small and incredibly fast and that’s something that some people have been using rather nonchalantly lately. Almost anything with more than say 300 HP qualifies but, then again, they forget about the other part, the size of the thing being of utmost importance as well. The car we’re looking at today is as small as it gets and, due to its size, it has issues keeping ‘all’ of its engine in the engine bay: introducing the 360 HP classic Mini.

The classic Mini was introduced after the second World War, when everyone needed a way to get around but resources were scarce. Therefore, Sir Alec Issigonis decided to create a small car which would cater to everyone’s needs without breaking the bank or needing a lot of metal to get done. The Mini came to life this way but little did he know that by positioning the engine low and right between the front wheels, the Mini would also drive like a dream.

The car we’re looking at today kept its proportions but gained a lot in the horsepower department. It was created by a 22-year old and it’s basically a mix between the British car and a Honda. Under the proverbial hood hides a B16 Honda VTEC 1.6-liter engine with a huge GT3076R turbocharger. That means the measly 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine is now developing some 360 HP. Since the Mini weighs under a ton normally – a bit more with all the added weight of the new engine – this thing is basically … a pocket rocket!

With a huge wing on its back and the biggest Wilwood brakes that would fit under a set of 13″ wheels, the car is quite an interesting project. There’s a new interior in the mix as well along with a new five-speed quick-shift gearbox. If you’re already impressed, you should know the owner plans on making it AWD in the future and turn things up to 11, by getting some 500 HP out of it.