If you’re a fan of The Beatles, you most likely know the song Penny Lane. It was launched back in the late 1960s and by then The Beatles were already a worldwide phenomenon. However, they still invested quite heavily in promoting themselves and Paul McCartney, who is credited with writing the song’s lyrics, decided that a Mini dressed up in pennies would be the best way to go about it. Therefore, this classic Mini was created, which is now up for grabs if you want to own some Beatles memorabilia.

The car is listed on Autoclassics.com and has an asking price of just $25,000. Considering the history infused in it, that seems like one hell of a bargain to begin with, especially for collectors. As you may have noticed, the exterior is decorated with 4,000 pre-1968 coins and coated in lacquer to prevent oxidation. Alas, if you’re trying to buy it for the sheer value of the coins, you should know they are no longer in circulation, therefore thieves won’t be tempted either if you decide to daily this thing.

The listing claims that Paul McCartney commissioned at least two of these cars to promote the song. Out of the two, only one is up for sale while the other is apparently located in the Cornish Goldsmith mining attraction.  Replicas are widely known to be used in variety of scenarios while some claim that a third Penny Lane Mini might also be located in North America. Nevertheless, this thing is the real deal and at just $25,000 it seems like a steal.

You should know that the car did gain some 200 lbs due to the coins and lacquer added to its exterior but that just adds to the magic. The car was used to raise money for various local charities in the Liverpool area for years and according to the people who used to own it for the last 25 years, it raised up to £750,000 in the process, all the more reason to have a lot of people interested in it.