BMW and Audi like to play games with each other a bit with their marketing. Awhile back, the two had a playful chess-themed billboard spat that was pretty entertaining. Now, though, billboards are old news and social media is the modern (and far better) equivalent. So BMW and Audi were at it yet again, this time on Twitter.

In a recent tweet from BMW, there was a picture of a Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 sitting in front of some circles of light. Audi commented on the photo, saying “When you see it…”, clearly pointing out that the circles of light behind the M4 kind of made the four-ringed Audi logo. To be honest, Audi’s Twitter game is always strong, with smart, funny tweets. Whoever runs its Twitter needs a raise.

However, BMW’s Twitter machine isn’t too bad either and fired a quip of its own back, saying “We see it, where we usually do…in the rear view mirror.” Shots fired.

This is good stuff, showing that rival brands can have fun with each other while still respecting each other. Remember, these two brands also paid each other respect a while back, with Audi congratulating BMW on celebrating its 100 year anniversary and BMW congratulating Audi on its highly successful Le Mans career after retiring from WEC.Also, both brands are neighbors, both being from Bavaria, with BMW in Munich and Audi from Ingolstadt. So these are two brands that have respect for each other but it’s also fun to ignite that neighborly rivalry.

At the time of writing this, Audi has yet to respond to BMW’s tweet. But we’re expecting and hoping for something funny. Make it happen, Audi. Give us something good. Don’t let this Twitter beef die just yet, not before it has the chance to be really funny.