Video: All You Need to Know about the New BMW X5

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As we’re getting closer to the first new BMW X5 deliveries, the Germans are bound to kick their marketing efforts into a higher gear. The …

As we’re getting closer to the first new BMW X5 deliveries, the Germans are bound to kick their marketing efforts into a higher gear. The new X5 promises a lot but if only you and I know it, that’s not going to lead to high sales figures. Therefore, the whole world needs to learn all about it and the lecture is going to begin with the following video, where we get to learn ‘all we need to know’ about the new Sports Activity Vehicle.

The trio we’ve already seen taking a closer look at the 8 Series and X4 is here again, and they play their respective roles. Nicki kicks things off from behind the wheel, with some spirited driving done aboard an M Sport model. As I’ve said a number of times, the new X5 is going to be quite a driver’s car if you tick the right options, configuring it for such purposes. The design of the car in M Sport guise also works in its favor, with those flared wheel arches and an overall aggressive stance.

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Dennis then kicks in and presents the tech side of the things, introducing the new Digital Key which is basically a new way of unlocking your car. You can now use your phone instead of a tradition key fob, an option we’ve been waiting for quite some time. Unfortunately, it only works with Android phones at the moment, and even then you’ll need at least a Samsung S7 or newer with the Android Oreo OS.

Nicki then takes over again, just to tell us a thing or two about the drivetrain. She begins with the new xGravel driving mode which allows you to go offroading further than ever before, with a specially created driving mode which handles gravel and rough terrain. In the end I think there’s a lot more to say about the new X5 but for now, these essential bits will have to do although I have a sneaky suspicion BMW will launch more clips in the near future.

17 responses to “Video: All You Need to Know about the New BMW X5”

  1. Arunabh says:

    Lol… pretty Childish video !!

  2. CfAuto says:

    I miss Chris Brows introduction. This looks stupid

  3. Icebreakerr says:

    The front bumper in m sport looks sooooo good, the X6 better have the same bumper

    • Pictor says:

      Maybe it’s just me but the fake honeycomb brake vent is a real buzz kill. I didn’t care for it on the F15 and I don’t care for it on the new one. It’s an eyesore that pulls my eye much in the same way as the honeycomb fake rear vents on a Honda Civic do.

      • Icebreakerr says:

        is the vent on the side a fake one? O i thought it was real like functional that air can go through

        • Pictor says:

          The side fender vent behind the wheel (between the wheel and the front door) is real. The two front “vents” on either side of the bumper below the front grill is what I’m concerned about being fake like on the F15 X5.

      • Senne says:

        Are you sure it’s fake? They used to be real, that’s for sure, like on the 4 Series for instance. Very weird if they decided to not make it real on the X5.

        • Pictor says:

          Look at the F15 X5’s. They’re fake. On the M550i, they’re real with oil coolers behind them so maybe on the X5 5.0 it will be real but on the F15 they’re definitely fake.

  4. Icebreakerr says:

    interior is so good too

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