Customers in today’s automotive market are far more interested in technology, comfort and interior space than they are with driving dynamics and performance. So, especially in the small premium crossover segment, interior quality and technology are more important than almost anything else. BMW understands this, which is why it decided to give its two smallest crossovers great cabins. Good enough that both the new BMW X2 and older X1 (as they both have the same interior, basically) ranked on Car and Driver’s list of best interiors under $40,000.

In fact, the BMW X1/X2 cabin is the second one mentioned on the list. While we don’t think this list is in ranking order, it’s still impressive that the small BMW crossover twins were thought of so early on the list.

Both cars can be had for less than $40k, even with some decent options (the X1 needs to be optioned up but the X2 comes pretty decently loaded). Both cars also have great interiors. We most recently drove the BMW X2, as the X1 is already showing its age, and we were surprised with its interior quality. It’s comfortable, well-made and features surprisingly upscale materials. It feels more expensive than its price point would suggest.

“A center stack canted toward the driver, oodles of headroom (less so in the X2’s rear seat), large panoramic sunroofs, attractive stitching, and an intuitive iDrive infotainment system make these BMWs a pleasure to drive on long trips.” said Car and Driver.

Many fans rip into the BMW X2, as it’s the newest front-drive BMW crossover, for not being a proper rear-wheel drive BMW. However, the Bavarians understand automotive markets and are making cars for them. Customer want stylish, premium, comfortable and high-tech crossovers and BMW gives them that. Not only is it interesting looking but the BMW X2 has one of the best interiors for the money on the market.

[Source: Car and Driver]