BMW X2 and X1 sport one of the best interiors under $40k

BMW X1, BMW X2, News | July 23rd, 2018 by 13
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Customers in today’s automotive market are far more interested in technology, comfort and interior space than they are with driving dynamics and performance. So, especially in the small premium crossover segment, interior quality and technology are more important than almost anything else. BMW understands this, which is why it decided to give its two smallest crossovers great cabins. Good enough that both the new BMW X2 and older X1 (as they both have the same interior, basically) ranked on Car and Driver’s list of best interiors under $40,000.

In fact, the BMW X1/X2 cabin is the second one mentioned on the list. While we don’t think this list is in ranking order, it’s still impressive that the small BMW crossover twins were thought of so early on the list.

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Both cars can be had for less than $40k, even with some decent options (the X1 needs to be optioned up but the X2 comes pretty decently loaded). Both cars also have great interiors. We most recently drove the BMW X2, as the X1 is already showing its age, and we were surprised with its interior quality. It’s comfortable, well-made and features surprisingly upscale materials. It feels more expensive than its price point would suggest.

“A center stack canted toward the driver, oodles of headroom (less so in the X2’s rear seat), large panoramic sunroofs, attractive stitching, and an intuitive iDrive infotainment system make these BMWs a pleasure to drive on long trips.” said Car and Driver.

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Many fans rip into the BMW X2, as it’s the newest front-drive BMW crossover, for not being a proper rear-wheel drive BMW. However, the Bavarians understand automotive markets and are making cars for them. Customer want stylish, premium, comfortable and high-tech crossovers and BMW gives them that. Not only is it interesting looking but the BMW X2 has one of the best interiors for the money on the market.

[Source: Car and Driver]

13 responses to “BMW X2 and X1 sport one of the best interiors under $40k”

  1. Nikola Kilic says:

    X2 has upscale interior? Cheep, shiny plastic, truck gear leaver, seats that BMW should be ashamed to putt in any type of car, small instrument cluster, 15 years old climate and media controls…should I continue. Every single part of the interior is borrowed from some other brand car, only fake stitching and trim surface are new.
    If X2 has one of the best interiors under 40k, then you probably think Nico that Bmw G30 is on pair with Rolls Rolls interior.

    • JRobUSC says:

      X1/X2 interiors are certainly nicer than what’s in the GLA, Q3, E Pace, etc. that are the most direct competitors.

      • Nikola Kilic says:

        In 2 days new Q3 will be presented. That “upscale” X2 interior will look outdated and probably next 6-7 years until new model comes, as we know BMW only makes minor changes with facelift at half of the living cycle. Not only Audi will have more modern design but for sure much higher quality.
        And to compare this cheep interior with Mazda 6 interior is one of the most stupid things I heard.
        And as far as I know, Mazda 6 is not in this class, but also not near 40k also. So much fan boy words in this Nico’s article.

        • JRobUSC says:

          The article wasn’t from Nico. It was from Car and Driver. And either way, the current X1/X2 interior is nicer than the current interiors in their competitors. Will the future Q3 be nicer inside? Maybe. But it’s not for sale yet. Comparing future vehicles to current ones is pointless. There will be a new GLA and new X1 eventually, too, I’m sure they jump the Audi, just as the Audi might here. That’s how it works.

          • Nikola Kilic says:

            X2 is brand new car and this interior is already outdated. Those are lowest level BMW seats which are not present even in 1 series. Climate and media controls will not be present in any new BMW starting from next year and we will be seeing them for next 6 or 7 years in X2. When I am speaking about Q3 it isn’t some car from the future, it will be presented tomorrow, for GLA you are right, but look at XC40, much more modern design of the interior. Jaguar always looks cheep inside. But what BMW made with this X2, Audi made with Q3 in 2011, half of interior was borrowed from old Audi A3 from 2005 and we are still seeing this old fashioned interior in current Q3. If it wasn’t Nico, then Car and Driver should check their eyes if this is the best interior for under 40k today on the market.

          • JRobUSC says:

            Car & Driver didn’t say the X1/X2 was “the best interior under $40k”, they named it as “one of the best interiors under $40k”. Maybe you should try reading things before you post about them. Having buttons doesn’t make an interior cheap. Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. all still use buttons. Purposeful technology that is well integrated is the goal, not just “screens everywhere for everything”. Not everyone wants everything in the car to be controlled by screens.

          • Nikola Kilic says:

            Yes, it says one of the best interior, not the best, but it is the same thing, it isn’t near the best interiors and this statement must be sponsored by BMW as I don’t believe anyone not biased would said this. Here it is, new Q3.
            As expected, miles ahead of this cheep, outdated BMW X2 interior and not because of the screens. BTW, I drive BMW, but don’t need to be subjective because of that.

          • JRobUSC says:

            So, you want them to base “2018’s Best Interiors Under $40k” on vehicles that won’t be on sale in 2018 and weren’t even shown to the public until after the article was written (and still technically haven’t been shown to the public, those are leaked photos of a future car). I see, that makes total sense. In that case, I nominate the 2022 X1 for “Best Interiors of 2018”. Sarcasm aside, the Q3 had a shithole interior for years, it’s about time they updated it. The GLA still does, and based on the A-class photos they’ll jump the new Q3 when the new one comes out. Then the next X1 will do the same thing. Because again, that’s how it works.

          • Nikola Kilic says:

            You missed the point completely.
            It will be enough to say that just X2 interior is outdated, not any new styling element (besides new trim surface on central console with that faked plastic stitching), only bottom quality recycled BMW parts which will not be inside any new BMW from now on, but however somehow BMW thought it will be good to put those shit parts into shiny new model, customers will not notice, at least Car and Driver will not, they will be thrilled with 15 years old climate and media controls, gear leaver from the truck and MINI rounded seats.
            If we are talking about interiors under 40k, then there are at least 10 of them that looks (but let this be subjective side) and fells higher quality and are better equipped.
            Q3 didn’t needed to be mentioned, but as they revealed it yesterday, I just took opportunity to show the difference in vehicles that will be 6 months away from sale start (so really no need to compare X2 with vehicles that will come for 2 years).

        • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

          If the A4 is any indication, VAG should be paying royalties to BMW for ripping off iDrive, right down to pop-up monitor & rotating knob mouse.

    • CfAuto says:

      Couldn’t agree more

  2. Arunabh says:

    Sporting, simplistic, minimalistic and purposeful… these interiors also befits the price and positioning of the cars.

    This really is BMW’s one of the best interiors of recent times.

  3. disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

    Good! BMW interiors are very evolutionary in design, but every generation includes a tech. upgrade as well, plus huge options for personalization (this is the company that brings us MINI & bespoke R-R, after all). So when typists gripe that BMW interiors don’t change, are monochromatic, dull, cheap I know they don’t know what they’re talking about. Good to see C&D do, also a pleasant surprise given how generally negative they have been about much of the range for several years now. One reason I look forward to BMW UKL is I know they will bring these same high standards to a new segment.

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