BMW is continuously expanding its efforts in the field of sustainable mobility and that implies not only new technologies for cars but also a different approach altogether, to cut down on emissions. In urban areas, intermodal ways of transportation are seen as the future and today BMW announced yet another partnership, this time with the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI). This new joint venture aims at developing clean solutions for future urban transportation.

The first step will be taken today and continue tomorrow, through the annual BMW Group Dialogue Series held at LACI. The theme for this year’s series of sustainability-oriented stakeholder discussions is “Cities in Progress,” which will focus on analyzing the specific transportation challenges facing cities and debating concrete solutions for improving quality of life. The purpose of LACI’s zero emissions transportation partnership is to bring together key partners to accelerate transportation electrification and zero emissions goods movement by the time the world arrives in Los Angeles by 2028.

“The BMW Group is a leader in the field of premium mobility, with more than a quarter of a million electrified BMW Group vehicles on the world’s roads and a range of connected and mobility services,” said Simon Euringer, VP of the BMW Group Technology Office USA. “The Incubator is an ideal partner for us as LACI pursues the same goals as the BMW Group and also has innovative visions and strategies”.

“We are so pleased that the BMW Group has decided to kick off their ‘Cities in Progress’ Dialogues here at LACI— it’s particularly fitting as BMW has committed to join with public and private sector leaders, utilities and regulators in LACI’s newly formed transportation innovation and electrification partnership,” stated Matt Petersen, LACI President and CEO. The annual BMW Group Dialogues bring together representatives from cities, companies, institutes, universities, and residents to listen to one another and discuss issues as equals. Based on these dialogues, the BMW Group aims to refine its own strategy and become a driving force for urban mobility in cities over the long term.

The “Cities in Progress” BMW Group Dialogues will begin on June 6th in Los Angeles, but will also travel to Melbourne, Shenzhen, Rotterdam and Berlin. Each event consists of two workshops, attended by 30 to 40 stakeholders and the same number of students. In all five cities, topics such as population density, regulation and infrastructure will be discussed with eminent stakeholders to create a comprehensive picture of all challenges in the respective cities.