The BMW M5 is the most extreme 5 Series product BMW sells. But even that is a bit subdued and sort of tame for many enthusiasts. For some, their performance cars need to be as wild and crazy as possible. If that’s you, then you may want to look at the BMW M550i, which is almost as fast as the M5, and this AC Schnitzer Aerodynamic Kit.

Seen at Abu Dhabi Motors, one of the most famous sellers of pretty wild looking BMWs, is this BMW M550i xDrive wearing the aforementioned AC Schnitzer aero kit.

This specific BMW M550i is wearing Aventurine Red paint to begin with, which is already a bit of a standout. While it’s not my personal color of choice, there’s no denying that it’s eye-catching. When you add the aero kit, it becomes impossible to not notice.

That aero kit brings about a new front lip, which features some carbon fiber bits, new 20-inch wheels and a large fixed rear wing at the back. To be honest, most of the kit is quite subtle, such as the lower front lip, which isn’t too overly flashy. The rear diffuser at the rear is also a bit paired back compared to many other kits we’ve seen. However, its’ the pretty large rear wing that sends it over the top. BMW didn’t give the M5 or M550i a rear wing for a reason and it looks a bit odd with one.

What’s also a bit odd is that the interior is completely stock and normal looking. It sports white leather and wood trim. It looks as comfortable and luxurious as the standard car, which is a bit at odds with the rest of the aero kit.

Personally, I don’t see the reason in spending the extra money to tune a BMW M550i, both in terms of performance and styling. If you want a more aggressive 5 Sereis, just get the BMW M5. It’s faster, more dynamic and more fun to drive while also looking as aggressive as it needs to be. But if you need that bit extra, that bit more flash, this AC Schnitzer aero kit could be for you.

[Source: Motor1]