Deliveries of the new F90 M5 have already begun and customers are starting to take delivery of their dream cars right about now. BMW however is not showing any signs of taking any sort of break in promoting the new model and the latest video published by the BMW M division on their Youtube channel shows exactly how a BMW M5 should be enjoyed. This time around, the guys traveled to Taipei to film a couple of interesting shots featuring the brand new M5.

The video shows the new uber-sedan from Munich playing in what looks like a shipyard, tail happy and everything. Thanks to the new M xDrive system, the car is now offering the best of both worlds to its drivers. First of all, the launch problems have all been solved and, thanks to all-wheel drive, the new M5 is one full second faster than the older model, even though the power output went up by just 40 HP.

Yet, a lot of people were afraid that sending power to all four corners of the car would turn the sharp M5 into an understeering behemoth, no matter how much power it had. That’s not the case though as the new M xDrive system allows you to choose from a few different driving modes when it comes to where the power is being sent. Just like the video shows, you can choose the standard 4WD mode, 4WD Sport or simply the 2WD mode.

The latter sends the power to the rear axle alone, allowing you to simply drift your way into oblivion and through various sets of tires thanks to the 600 HP under the hood. Needless to say that the video does show some not so careful driving and you definitely shouldn’t try to replicate what you see here on public roads. This was all done under strict supervision, with professionals behind the wheel, on closed roads.