The BMW M1 is one of the most mysterious cars to ever come from Germany. It’s also one of the most desirable, thanks to its rarity, its checkered history and the fact that it also never was. So it’s naturally worth a considerable amount of money. In fact, a nice example fetching seven-figures isn’t unheard of. Which is why the fact that someone left a BMW M1 in a barn for 30 years is almost painful to hear.

Mint Classics, a classic car dealer for Classic Driver, recently found a BMW M1 sitting in a garage in Southern Italy, where it sat for over 30 years. While not damaged, it was covered in dust, debris and neglect. It also seemed to have been used as a shelf for garbage, as bags of trash and small garbage bins sat on its dusty hood. The latter being an offense punishable only by death. And maybe even that’s too lenient.

Thankfully Mint Classics came around and snatched the M1 up. Imagine that look on the face of whoever found the M1, the pure shock of seeing a seven-figure car sitting in a garage, in mechanically sound condition, covered in dust and garbage? It’d be a look of both delight and terror. Terror from seeing such a wonderful and rare car being treated so poorly and delight in the fact that it was now theirs for quite a bit less money than it’s worth.

After a full restoration by BMW Classic in Munich, one that focused more on preservation than anything else, the 1982 BMW M1 is back in showroom condition. It’s a stunning car and in the right color combo — red over black. Sitting in the middle is a 3.5 liter inline-six engine that was developed by Paul Rosche and was a masterpiece of an engine. That I6 is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox that sends power to just the rear-wheels, the way the Car Gods intended. The best part, though? This BMW M1 only has 7,329 km (4,554 miles) on it. That’s basically brand-new.

This BMW M1 is currently listed for a smooth €1,000,000 ($1,187,000), which is about right for a car this pristine. It’s such a lovely car but such a shame it was left neglected for that long.

[Source: Classic Driver]