There’s no two ways about it, the Rolls Royce Phantom is the best luxury car on sale. It’s simply absurd, the level of luxury and craftsmanship in the Phantom. There’s just nothing else like it on the road. In this new video from Harry Metcalfe, we get to take a look at exactly why that is.

We’ve seen videos of the new Rolls Royce Phantom before but Harry does a great job of explaining just why the Phantom is so lovely and wonderful. Most people like to just talk about the fancy features it has, like the fancy self-closing doors and the umbrella in the door, but Harry explains the ride, the craftsmanship and feel of the Rolls unlike others. That’s likely because he’s driven basically every other car you can imagine, being the founder of EVO magazine and owning an impressive collection of high-end performance and luxury cars.

One thing I like that he touches on in this video is the paint finish. He gives us a good look at the finish and you can see that it’s basically a mirror finish. I’ve never seen a car finished like a Rolls Royce before, even some of the highest end cars on the market. A Rolls’ paint isn’t great, it isn’t incredible, it’s perfect. Seriously, it’s almost ridiculous. And the Phantom is no different.

He also points out just how unbelievably quiet it is inside the Phantom. There’s zero wind noise to speak of and there’s a wonderful hush you get when you close the doors. It’s a soft silence that’s hard to describe. However, he does note that the run-flat tires Rolls Royce fits it with do make a bit more noise than you’d expect from a Roller. Which is an odd thing we notice on all cars from the BMW Group. Run-flats are nice on a 3 Series or something, because it allows you to not need a spare, but in a Rolls Royce, you’d think a quieter, softer tire would be used. But, on the other hand, getting a puncture and having to wait for a tow truck or having your chauffeur change the tire aren’t really luxurious options, either.

Still, even on run-flats, the Rolls Royce Phantom is an absolute masterpiece of luxury and craftsmanship that has no equal in the auto industry. Even the Bentley Mulsanne, as lovely as it is, has a whiff of the VW Group in it and a Mercedes-Maybach S600 looks like an S-Class with some nice pillows in the back. Nothing compares to the Phantom and it’s not even close.