Yesterday BMW took everyone by surprise by publishing some fresh photos of what will be the upcoming M Performance model in the 8 Series range, the BMW M850i xDrive. The move was not done just as a publicity stunt but also to confirm some of our reports over the last few months, regarding the specs of the V8 under the hood. At the same time, some journalists were invited to Wales to test out the new car and offer valuable insight.

While that task would normally be reserved for journalists, these days vloggers are a big part of how cars are being perceived by the public and how buying decisions are made. Cue Shmee150, whose Youtube channel is breaking records in the automotive realm, probably being the most well known vlogger in this niche on the platform. He was invited to attend this event and shared some of his thoughts on the car.

Getting behind the wheel he did his usual thing telling us about how the car feels and how the engine responds but apart from all that, we also get to take a sneak peek at the interior of the upcoming gran tourer, something the official photos didn’t provide. As you can see in the footage below, the rear seats are completely uncovered and there’s a new design. It’s close to the design on the current X6, in higher spec trim, but the headrests are missing and I’m guessing that’s no coincidence.

The front seats seem new too and, from what we can make out, they bear a similar design to the ones found in the new M5. Of course, that’s good news but that’s even more impressive as this is not a pure M model, but an M Performance one. The M8 will therefore be even more impressive, in all areas, from power to handling and looks. While we’re patiently waiting for the 8 Series to come out at Le Mans later this year, let’s see what Shmee has to say about it.