One of the most interesting but elusive cars BMW currently makes is the M4 CS. With its fantastic looks and Goldilocks balance, the BMW M4 CS is one of the most exciting cars for BMW enthusiasts. But thanks to its rarity and exclusivity, it’s quite elusive to most BMW fans, which makes it even more desirable. In fact, when I was recently on the press launch for the BMW M5 in Palm Springs, BMW had an M4 CS on hand for us to look at but not to touch. Which made me want to drive one even more. Which is why I’m super jealous of Joe Achilles, who was able to get an M4 CS for a week. And to make me even more jealous, he took the BMW M4 CS to the Alps. Way to go, Joe. You should have just brought Margot Robbie with you while you’re at it.

But getting back to the M4 CS. It’s essentially the Goldilocks version of the BMW M4, as it’s lighter and sharper than the M4 Competition Package but not as stripped out and uncomfortable as the M4 GTS. So it strikes a nice balance. It also gets a touch more power, with 454 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque from its 3.0 liter twin-turbo I6. The only transmission available is BMW’s seven-speed dual-clutch unit. So it’s quick but it’s not significantly quicker than the M4 Comp Pack.

In this video, Achilles drives the M4 CS on some stunning roads, in some stunning scenery, the perfect place for a car like the BMW M4 CS. And it seems like a ton of fun. The only real question is: Is it that much more fun than the M4 Comp Pack that it’s worth the new double asking price? Probably not, to be honest. It’s likely ten-percent better than the M4 Competition but nearly double the price. That doesn’t seem like good value, to be honest. Especially when you consider the fact that you can buy the same wheels and tires for the M4 Comp Pack and give it a bit of a tune and new suspension for significantly less money.