The new BMW M5 is getting its first commercials aired these days as the first cars are getting delivered across the country. It’s not like the new M monster needs any more marketing since everyone is interested in it already with plenty of press covering every aspect of it. However, when it comes to publicity, the more the better as it can’t but help with sales figures and it seems like the one ad we’re looking into here is doing things the right way.

First of all, it moves away from showing the usual mid-life successful business man behind the wheel and switches things around a bit. This time, we’re looking at what seems to be ‘Mom’s M5’ if we’re to judge things by the car’s license plates. Furthermore, ‘Mom’ knows her stuff since the Alpine White car was also fitted with the full M Performance catalogue of parts, from the front bumper to the rear and even the sides.

Then there’s the fact that there are two hidden messages carefully placed in the footage, as a throwback to older M cars. The kid in the video is playing around with a toy BMW E60 M5, the purist’s dream as I like to call it. Then, as the new M5 pulls into the driveway, another M5 is seemingly portrayed waiting patiently in the garage. It’s a beautiful E39 M5 and I’m guessing that would be ‘Dad’s M5’?

Nonetheless, the short clip does show that BMW didn’t forget about its history and about the iconic models it brought out over the years. Today we’re dealing with turbocharged V8 engines but back in the day atmospheric mills were the way to go. One interesting question does arise though: why wasn’t the F10 model featured?