While some people simply drool at the chance of one day owning a proper M car and let alone the only V8-powered M3 ever made, others simply crash them on the Ring. It’s the story of the video posted below, showing how too much confidence and too little skill can lead to the premature demise of what looks like a beautiful BMW M3.

From the short footage at hand here we can clearly make out what happened on the Nurburgring not long ago. The Alpine White BMW E92 M3 shown here seems to be following an F80 M3 Ring Taxi. The confident driver of the E92 seemingly forgot that he also has to mind his speed while doing so and maybe try and slow down from time to time as he might not have the same skillset as the driver of the leading car.

As a matter of fact, it would by quite difficult to have the same skills since Ring Taxis are on the Green Hell almost daily offering rides for curious tourists and gearheads alike. We don’t know exactly who was behind the wheel but it’s safe to assume he or she has plenty of experience on that track, probably having hundreds if not thousands of laps on the record by now. As for what exactly happened here, it looks like it’s a simple case of carrying too much speed into a corner.

The E92 M3 is a capable car thanks to its 4-liter naturally aspirated V8 making 420 PS in standard guise. Of course, that’s just part of the equation as other important factors come into play as well such as tires, suspension setup and last but not least driver skill. The last bit seemed to be the one the broke the camel’s back here.