Simultaneously with the launch of the BMW X2 in Russia, the local BMW Group launches the BMW X2 Design Battle where over 40 young designers and aspiring designers have submitted their designs for a particularly interesting look on the outer skin of the BMW X2 and let their creativity run free.

The virtual designs for the BMW X2 Design Battle are meant to be interpreted as concepts and not as a concrete preview of a possible implementation, so many photographers did not create a realistic look. All designs are now judged by Russian and international curators to select a winner.

The winner of the Russian BMW X2 Design Battle can look forward to a visit to the main international exhibition of contemporary art at Art Basel in Switzerland. The Design Battle is another example of the promotion of the arts and culture around the world by the BMW Group.

BMW has made the X2 sportier, more aggressive and more stylish than the X1. It’s immediately recognizable from its sibling, thanks to a lower ride height, wider stance and more aggressive styling. So the X2 serves as a great blank canvas for a design competition.