A few years ago, we designed a small batch of BMWBLOG decals for Friends & Family, and over time bystanders have started to notice them on some BMWs, especially in the Chicagoland or Munich areas. More and more readers have started to ask for a way to purchase them, so today, we decided to launch another small sample size of the same quality decals that we use on our cars.

The vinyl-made decals are fairly small in size and non-intrusive, so we use them either on our side or rear windows, or on the bumper. They can be easily removed and withstand any kind of weather thrown at them.

As far as dimension, they’re cut at 9 inches length and 2 inches width, so small enough to fit on even the smaller side window. We’ve given them the same design as before, a subtle grey gradient with the typical European license plate design, since we’ve always loved the way those plates look like.

They’re priced at $1.99, mostly to cover our shipping and handling costs, and can be purchased through the link below. For now, those items are only available to customers with a US address, but in the future, we plan to ship them worldwide.