The brand new BMW M5 is yet to be delivered to customers worldwide but it looks like some people are already committing to it, such as the BMW fans in Australia. According to Car Advice, all five BMW M5 First Edition models reserved for the land down under have already been sold, despite carrying a hefty premium over the regular price for the uber sedan.

The First Edition versions cost AUD229,900 in Australia and that’s before on-road costs. At the current exchange rates, that adds up to $180,000. With only 400 units being scheduled for production worldwide, the price tag is not exactly the biggest issue one would encounter when ordering one. That said, even the BMW Australia representatives have been taken aback by the success the car is already recording.

“It’s probably the most positive response to a vehicle that I’ve ever seen,” Lenore Fletcher, communications boss for BMW Australia said. “It doesn’t seem to be simply from the BMW engineers and designers – it’s from the team drivers, it’s from everybody involved in testing the vehicle right through to the media that have driven it.”

The First Edition models come with bespoke details, as one would expect. All cars are painted in the exclusive Frozen Dark Red Metallic color, with high-gloss Shadow Line trim along the kidney grille, M gills, and M Sport Exhaust system. The 20-inch seven-double-spoke black wheels complete the look. Inside you get full leather smokewhite upholstery along with piano black trims. The limited edition badge, indicating the vehicle’s individual production number makes each car literally one-of-a-kind.

Australian customers who want a special M5 as well but missed the train with the First Edition models can still get the BMW M5 Launch Edition which will be delivered starting this October. Priced at AUD199,900, there will be 50 of them and therefore the chances of actually getting your hands on one grow exponentially.