Wrapping cars is one of the more exciting new ways to modify a car, as it allows owners to give their car wild finishes without them being permanent. The flip side to that coin is the fact that people can wrap their cars in ways that are just dumb, as they can do it for cheap (relatively) and have the ability to take it off. This BMW 7 Series is the perfect example of that.

The poop emoji is one of the most commonly used emoji and for good reason, it’s hilarious. It’s literally a pile of poop with eyes. You don’t need to be a genius to laugh at that but you have to lack a sense of humor not too. Everyone loves a good poop joke. But when that joke is wrapped around a six-figure luxury car, it just becomes ridiculous.

I’m all for irreverence but there’s a point where it’s just obnoxious. It’s not really clever, it’s just being absurd for the sake of being absurd. And it’s been done by a Polish rapper named Mr. Polska. Though, I guess it works pretty well as self-promotion, as the video of the wrap has garnered a lot of attention on YouTube. Also, everywhere Mr. Polska goes in his crappy 7 Series (zing!), he’ll be instantly recognized by fans of his or the car because I’m pretty sure a poop emoji-wrapped 7 Series is one-of-one in the world. So if it was just exclusivity Polska was looking for, he certainly succeeded.

While this isn’t as blasphemous as DeadMau5 wrapping his Ferrari 458 Italia, one of the most beautiful cars made of our modern era, with the Nyan cat, it’s still pretty absurd. So how do you BMW enthusiasts feel about this poop-covered BMW 7 Series? I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say you all love it?