Convertible SUVs are ridiculous. Let’s just get that out of the way. The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is the only decent example of such an idea and even that car is absurd. The worst example? The Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet, which is basically a decapitated Quasimodo with four wheels bolted to his body. It’s an awful tragedy, that car. So the idea that BMW is even entertaining the consideration of the possibility of a BMW X2 Cabriolet will infuriate the fanbase.

Apparently, BMW has been keeping a close eye on the Range Rover Evoque, and rightfully so. The Evoque has been a highly successful model for Range Rover and it’s a car that any car company in the segment should be looking at. So the fact that the Range Rover Evoque Convertible has done better than any rational human thought it would, BMW is thinking that it might make sense to jump in the same water.

It’s also been said that BMW kept a two-door X2 in mind during the car’s development, whether that be just for a coupe or an actual convertible model, much like the Evoque. A two-door coupe variant might actually make some sense, as customers seem to like such things, a fact the Evoque has proved. But a Cabriolet might be too weird.

To be honest, from these renderings at least, the BMW X2 doesn’t actually look terrible as a convertible. Just don’t tell anyone I said that. Do I condone developing such a thing? Of course, not, convertible SUVs are monstrosities. However, I can understand that some customers might like such a thing and this render doesn’t look horrible.

Although, I can hear the cries of BMW fans already, claiming that their favorite Bavarian brand has lost touch of its heritage completely. Admittedly, in their defense, a BMW X2 Cabriolet would be straying pretty far from what the brand is known far, further than ever before.

To be honest, we doubt such a car will actually end up being made. However, considering the success of the drop-top Ranger Rover, a BMW X2 Cabriolet isn’t outside the realm of possibility. And that’s the scariest part.