It may seem hard to believe as we’ve only heard about a potential SUV from Rolls-Royce as a general idea so far but the car is really almost ready to go and it looks like the officials from Goodwood will be introducing it personally to a select few. According to the people over at Automotive News, the SUV will be shown in private sittings in certain select locations around the world, to those who can actually afford one.

The first presentations will kick off this summer and they will be aiming at grasping the opinion of rich buyers who may be swayed to the double-R badge instead of offerings from Bentley or Lamborghini. Recent rumors are claiming that even Ferrari might join the SUV bandwagon even though the Italian manufacturer swore that would never be the case. Nevertheless, the Rolls-Royce choice will be quite different from all the others.

While Bentley and especially Lamborghini have focused on the S side of the SUV acronym, Rolls-Royce doesn’t even call its upcoming model an SUV at all, as that would be too plebeian. Instead, the Brits are calling the Cullinan Project a ‘high-riding vehicle’, capable of ‘driving everywhere effortless’. It’s pretty obvious that the car will feature a high ground clearance and will be focused more on luxury and comfort rather than breaking speed limits or records.

It will ride on its own aluminum chassis and most likely will be using the same engine as the Phantom. However, the Phantom VIII will remain the epitome of luxury and the crowning jewel in the line-up, as it has been the case for over 100 years. Even so, expect similar levels of room inside the new SUV along with all the optional features you can dream of, all hopped on a taller riding chassis, most likely connected to some sort of all-wheel drive system which will also be a premiere for the Rolls-Royce brand.