This second season of The Grand Tour has been much better than the first and it feels like old-school Top Gear is back. That’s a compliment, even if they might not see it as such. In this new episode, launching this Friday, Hammond and May try and figure out how to refuel a car mid-drive. According to them, “the average motorist loses 36 days of their lives filling up with fuel”. So they try and figure out how to refuel a car on the move.

Which is funny because BMW just broke a world record for drifting and needed to refuel the F90 BMW M5 that was used to do it mid-drift. BMW ended up figuring out how to do it quite effectively and efficiently. Admittedly, BMW’s way is quite expensive and required fitting a special fuel tank with a dry-break refueling system. It also required a man in another car to hang out of the window and refuel the car manually.

Judging from the trailer for the new episode, it seems as if Hammond and May figured out a way to drive a car up onto a moving refueling station, which is actually kind of fun. We also see some other attempts where a man jumps out of a moving car onto Hammond’s car to refuel it. So there are some hits and some misses, all of which will be pretty comical. Being that they never really come up with sound consumer advice on The Grand Tour, we can assume that all ideas fail miserably.

It’s just funny how The Grand Tour tackles this idea immediately after BMW did just that and broke a world record doing so. It seems as if BMW’s idea is probably more effective, although it couldn’t be done to any car and wouldn’t work for consumers. So maybe The Grand Tour is on to something.