Ever since the BMW i8 first came out a lot of people have wondered whether a different engine and more power wouldn’t have been a better choice. Understandably so, too, as the design of the i8 does make it look more like a supercar from the future rather than a simple hybrid sports car. Apparently, BMW has been getting this request from its customers for a while now and officials are now confirming pondering whether a more powerful i8s would make sense and if so, how to find the perfect blend of performance and efficiency.

Speaking to the media at the NAIAS 2018, BMW officials have been hinting at a possible such model. According to Auto Express, the Germans are currently evaluating their options, considering the number of inquiries coming from their customers. Alexander Kotouc, Head of BMW i Product Management even went on record saying: “I can tell you at this point we are still evaluating it; the i8 is the iconic sports car of the new era.”

However, if a more powerful i8 would be built, the powertrain choice would have to be carefully weighted, as Kotouc added: “You could put a V12 in there and it would be incredibly powerful but would it still be a BMW i car? We need to find the perfect balance. There is a customer need and desire to have more power and we will try to fulfill it while also keeping our DNA authentic.” What that means exactly remains to be seen but we would definitely wouldn’t be opposed to seeing a 3-liter straight six twin-turbo engine used with an electric motor.

The combinations are endless, one using a bigger electric motor and the same 1.5-liter 3-cylinder definitely seeming like an appealing option for a certain demographic out there, myself included. With the evolution of new-age batteries, the electric juice stored in the center tunnel could translate into more EV range and help throughout the rev range. Either way, we’re definitely interested in a hardcore BMW i8, no matter how the powertrain shapes up.