Singapore is one of those countries where buying a new car is truly an expensive experience. New cars have incredibly high prices in the Asian city-state due to all sorts of taxes. That doesn’t mean that the market is receding though. On the contrary, the demand for high-end cars is seemingly so high that BMW M decided to open a new dealership in Singapore.

And it’s not like this is an isolated event. Demand has been on the rise for the last decade and during the last four years, the number of BMW M certified dealers has doubled worldwide to 850 businesses. The “Performance Munich Autos” shop in Singapore is just the newest addition to the list. With a total area of 4,500 square meters, the new showroom exclusively showcases BMW M models and two BMW M Performance models. An Individual Lounge has been integrated where customers have the possibility to individualize their cars according to their very own wishes. The area is equipped with samples of colors, applications and leather upholstery for easy reference.

“The BMW M brand is celebrating its 45th anniversary and we have been constantly building on your success. 2016 was a record year for BMW M with sales of 67,900 vehicles, and this year too we have grown significantly. Up until the end of November 2017, BMW M sold significantly more BMW M and BMW M Performance models than during the entire business year 2016. By the end of the decade, we will exceed the mark of 100,000 vehicle sold,” explains Peter Quintus, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BMW M on the occasion of the official opening of Performance Munich Autos.

“The new showroom reflects the dynamic character of the BMW M brand and fulfills the wish of many customers for an exclusive retail experience,” adds Paul de Courtois, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia. “The new showroom in Singapore is path-breaking. We will continue to push ahead with this concept and, of course, also further increase the number of certified dealers worldwide,” added Peter Quintus.