Now that the BMW M5 comes with all-wheel drive as standard, some things have changed regarding how people perceive the M5 badge. Alongside this change in perception, the car is now also coming with a different feeling when you’re sitting behind the wheel, as we learned during our time with it in Portugal earlier this year. The all-wheel drive system certainly brings a drastic improvement in terms of grip but then again, when you want to have some serious sideways fun, you can just activate the 2WD mode and be on your way.

The video below was put together by the guys from BMW UK to showcase exactly how the M5 changed and they came up with a rather creative way to do it too. They put together a constantly changing track made up by what look like an evolution of the classic cones we’ve been getting used to. They move around this time though and they create different scenarios for the M5 to take on, on the fly.

From the figure eight to a full-blown drift, the M5 shows us how it’s done, all the while keeping its grace and elegance unchanged. Everything in this clip looks absolutely on point and we absolutely love it because it captures what the new M car is all about perfectly. The variable all-wheel drive system is doing its job brilliantly in every situation, from the standard 4WD mode to the classic 2WD setup, where the new M5 sends all of the power solely to the rear axle.

And this might just be a preview of what’s to come on other M cars as well. Next year we’ll get to see the new M8 come out and it will be sharing the drivetrain with the M5, from the 600 HP 4.4-liter V8 to the transmission. The M8 Coupe will be then morphing into a Convertible version and, if everything goes according to plan possibly a Gran Coupe too.