Video: BMW Explains the Differences Between the Old and New X3

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In a recent review, a journalist made the bold claim that the new BMW X3 doesn’t exactly set itself apart from the old one when …

In a recent review, a journalist made the bold claim that the new BMW X3 doesn’t exactly set itself apart from the old one when it comes to its design. More or less, he went on calling it almost unchanged and it seems like someone over at BMW was listening. Therefore, a video showcasing exactly what was changed and how was posted a couple of days later on BMW’s official Youtube channel. It may all be a coincidence but the timing does make it seem like it’s a bit more than that.

As far as we’re concerned, the X3 is a step up from its predecessor, and a visible one too. The differences are notable from every angle, even though the general lines have remained the same. After all, we are dealing with a mid-size SUV from Munich here, and some trademark features had to be kept on. However, unlike the rest of the range, the new X3 does come with a couple of new styling cues that set it apart from the others.

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I’m referring especially to the X4, X5 and X6. All of them have their headlights connected to the kidney grilles forming a powerful front end. However, these are all models that will soon be replaced and the design of their successors might follow in the footsteps of the X3. The X4 is especially notable here as it has exactly the same front end as the old F25 X3, at least until the next-gen comes out. The X5 and X6 share most of their underpinnings too and the exterior design up to the B-Pillar.

Once the new models come out we’ll know for sure which way BMW’s design chiefs are guiding the ship. Officials from Munich have said in a couple of instances earlier this year that a new design might be lurking ahead and if that’s the case, the G01 X3 could be interpreted as a hint as to what we may expect. Until then, let’s see what BMW considers essentially different between the F25 and G01 generation.

10 responses to “Video: BMW Explains the Differences Between the Old and New X3”

  1. Arunabh says:

    It wasn’t needed in this case really. Its a job very well done by BMW.

  2. DM says:

    It’s generally not a positive indication when you have to justify or substantiate your results. When you hit a grand slam and bases are loaded, the results speak for themselves as evidenced by the response from the grand stands.

    • disqus_erddcNOVZm says:

      Since we live in an era of fake news, science denying typists & twitters, you are optimistic. BMW are a German (now global) engineering & tech. company, conveying their message to a mass audience is smart. The amount of false information about BMW (on these comment pages alone) is mind boggling. There are no more grandstands – don’t you know the NFL is failing? There are only keyboards.

      • DM says:

        Agreed. In this case the masses will speak with their money. When all of the opinions across media and internet subside, sales figures will determine a grand slam versus a double.

  3. BaahBen . says:

    This is a beautiful car. Go price one with all the packages you will want and when you get done? It’s $55,000. The required packages to get the safety features many of you want entail taking the entire NAV System and two packages. Add leather, sunroof, etc. In 2014 my X-3 without NAV but with every other option including leather, sun roof, etc. was $46,000.

    I traded my 2014 X-3 with only 34,000 for a Mercedes GLC300 and paid $47,000. I wanted that BMW but simply could not justify that difference..Especially since my new car was Car of the Year in 2017 so I did not buy an inferior car. BMW is going to have to do something to remain competitive ..This was a terrible management decision to be so ridgid with these packages.

    • disqus_erddcNOVZm says:

      They’ve been doing that for a long time. 2nd gen. X5 was 10 grand all in to upgrade the rims. Don’t see many of them. Understandably.

  4. Senne says:

    So gorgeous!

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