Abu Dhabi is home to some of the most beautiful and exciting cars on the road. If you’re a car enthusiast, going to Abu Dhabi is like being in a candy store, as it’s filled with supercars, high-end luxury cars and some of the most extremely customized cars on the planet. So it’s no surprise that the dealership Abu Dhabi Motors currently has the most exclusive collection of unique and interesting BMW 7 Series’.

BMW’s Individual program offers a massively wide variety of color and interior options for customers willing to pay. One of the most popular choices for BMW’s Individual program is the 7 Series, as it’s expensive, luxurious and capable of making a statement. So Abu Dhabi Motors likes to order 7 Series’ in all sorts of interesting colors, creating a unique collection of Individual 7ers. According to Abu Dhabi Motors, it’s their mission to “tailor and create truly unique vehicles for its top customers”

Some of the popular color choices for their customers are San Marino Blue; Twilight Purple; Long Beach Blue; Rallye Green; Chestnut Bronze; Estoril Blue; Imola Red, Austin Yellow and Sparkling Graphite. Some of those colors, such as Twilight Purple, Imola Red and Rallye Green, look really quite unique on something as luxurious and stately as a BMW 7 Series.

“Abu Dhabi Motors focuses on customer satisfaction, product genius and the ability to understand the individual customer needs. We offer a portfolio of exceptional products and the exclusive new colours that Abu Dhabi Motors has made available on the BMW 7 Series demonstrate the lengths we go to in making every effort to enhance the customer ownership experience. Our portfolio of fully-specced, innovative cars and unmatched service standards are the keys to our ongoing success.” said Arno Husselmann, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Motors.

These unique 7 Series all look pretty good, even some of the more obnoxiously-colored ones. Of the ones shown, my personal favorite is the Long Beach Blue 7 Series with black wheels. Its color contrast between the light blue and black wheels looks really good and the lighter color really shows off the shadows and lines of the car.

If you have a lot of money to spend on a luxury car but want something that none of your neighbors have, Abu Dhabi Motors is a good place for you to look. They offer some of the most interesting 7 Series’ on the market and you’ll never get something from them that can even remotely be considered derivative. “We are relentlessly committed to excellence and always strive for improved higher standards of performance by keeping our focus completely customer-centric and offering unique products. Customers know they have to come to Abu Dhabi Motors if they want to select their new car from the best selection in the BMW Group. Looking ahead to 2018, we will continue this approach to maintain our position as the region’s highest-selling BMW Group Middle East Importer”, concluded Husselmann.