Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and the fridge is stacked with leftovers, it’s time to sit back and check out some Nurburgring racing. Only this time we’re not focusing on a BMW car, but instead we’ll take a closer look at some of the more unusual cars to be spotted on the Green Hell: minivans.

The Nurburgring is one of the most loved tracks in the world and its magic doesn’t rely solely on the fact that it is probably the longest track out there or that it has countless elevation changes in its pattern. Some of that magic comes from the fact that it is also part of the German highway system and that means every once in a while regular people with regular cars get to drive on it. Since most of us have families to look after, minivans are part of our lives one way or another. So why not take the whole family with you, stack the minivan and go racing on the Ring if it’s possible?

That’s exactly what the people in the footage below did and hilarity ensued. One of the most popular MPVs in the footage below seems to be the Volkswagen Transporter in its various iterations. Since this is one of the best selling cars the VW Group ever made, it is only natural to see it in different guises racing down the Nurburgring.

Other notable candidates are the Renault Kangoo and the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. What made me share this video with you guys though was the obvious joy kids had on their faces when rolling in front of the camera with the windows down. That’s probably the best way to make your kids fall in love with engines and tire squeal and turn them into future gearheads. Kudos to the daring parents!