The BMW Neue Klasse, as its name suggests, introduced a whole new class of cars to the enthusiasts, signaling the comeback that the Bavarian manufacturer was planning. The Neue Klasse (or New Class in English) was made up of cars that remain engraved in the minds of Bimmerphiles and they are appreciated to this day. However, when one thinks of that age, the BMW 2000 doesn’t necessarily instantly spring to mind.

Instead, most people think of the BMW 2002 and its turbocharged alternatives, and rightfully so, as the Coupe was the car everyone wanted back in those days. The 2000 however, was a four-door sedan which shared most of the underpinnings the 2002 had but with a slightly less angular look. The one we’re showing you today was put up for sale in the Netherlands and came with a price tag of $17,500, which may seem like a lot at first. Then again, it was sold for exactly that amount and in a hurry too.

What makes the 2000 special is the fact that it brought along a couple of interesting tidbits that shaped the way the BMW brand evolved over the years and I’m meaning that both in the literal and figurative senses. Literally because the Hoffmeister Kink was used on the 2000 for the first time while another premiere was marked by the introduction of the M10 4-cylinder engine. Both of these went on to become icons of the blue and white roundel.

This particular car has been apparently owned by an Italian family and comes with a blue interior decked with a lovely classic wood dash. Despite the claim that it has never been restored, it looks incredibly clean for its age and the seller is also saying there’s no rust to be found on it, which is downright impressive for a car its age. This used to be the top of the range sedan back in the day and used a 2-liter carbureted engine that used to make around 100 HP, more than enough for those days. Would you have paid that much for it, considering it an investment or is $17,500 too much?