Motor Trend recently had the BMW X4 as an SUV of the Year contender, a car they didn’t like very much. Considering how they felt about the X4, it’s clear that it won’t be winning that contest. Now, the BMW 5 Series is part of MT’s Car of the Year competition. Unfortunately for BMW, it doesn’t seem as if the 5er will be winning that, either.

To be honest, most American publications seem to dislike the new 5 Series. It’s sort of odd that most American pubs dislike the 5 Series so much but European pubs seem to unanimously love it. We’re big fans and I, personally, feel that it’s the best 5er since the E39. Sure, its steering is less engaging than 5ers of years past and it’s not as precise as the E39. Still, it’s a fun car to drive and really blends performance and luxury better than every 5er since the legendary E39-gen. Motor Trend doesn’t seem to feel this way.

Here’s what MT didn’t like about the 5 Series: “Numb handling and response”. That feeling was pretty unanimous among MT staffers. “There is an anodyne feel about the car that permeates all of these 5 Series entries,” said MT’s Frank Markus said. “They have slowly drained the viscera from the driving experience.” We can’t say that they’re wrong. Fun is a subjective category, so some may not like it.

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. There were some redeeming qualities. What MT liked? “Autobahn stability; V-8 engine; hybrid integration”. Its high-speed stability is probably the biggest virtue of the 5 Series, according to Motor Trend, with them saying that “the 5 Series is an autobahn rock star, clipping along at triple-digit velocities around the oval.”

The discrepancy between American and European publications’ feelings on the 5 Series is very odd. I wonder if there’s just a cultural difference in opinion on what makes a good sports car. Either way, it’s safe to say that the 5er won’t be winning Car of the Year. It’s nice that it was mentioned, though.

[Source: Motor Trend]