2020 seems like a long ways away at the moment. Despite being only three years away, waiting for the next-gen M3 to debut in 2020 seems like a lifetime away. Maybe that’s because the current-gen M3 seems to be aging quicker than normal. Since the F80 BMW M3’s release in 2013, the competition has come a long, long way. All of its competitors seem a lot fresher and more modern, especially the Mercedes-AMG C63 and Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. However, the upcoming G80 BMW M3, set to debut in 2020, seems like it could pack quite a lot of impressive tech. Enough to put it back into the forefront of the segment.

According to a recent report from Car Magazine, the upcoming G80 M3 will be an impressive machine. In this report, we learn quite a lot about the G80 BMW M3 and there seem to be some radical changes on the way. Not only will there be a few firsts for an M3 but a radical change in scope.

For starters, the upcoming G80 BMW M3 will be based on BMW’s new lightweight architecture that will feature a combination lightweight materials, including aluminum, magnesium and even carbon fiber. So this new M3 will be lighter, stiffer and better balanced than the outgoing car. But that’s no where near the end of the additional tech that the new M3 will have. The G80 M3 will be the most highly advanced BMW M3 of all time.

It’s said that the new M3 will use a similar version of the S55 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 engine except one that’s been seriously upgraded. Packed with a mild hybrid system that’s powered by a 48-volt electrical system, it will be far more efficient than ever before. That 48-volt system will also power a few other features, such as at least one electric turbocharger (similar to that of the Audi SQ7) and a water-injection system similar to the BMW M4 GTS. Expect power to be around 500 hp, which would put it right up there with the AMG C63 S and Giulia Quadrifoglio.

That engine will be mated to an eight-speed automatic, much like the BMW M5, or a six-speed manual. Also borrowed from the BMW M5 will likely be an xDrive all-wheel drive system with the ability to become rear-wheel drive at the press of a button. This will provide the M3 with the necessary traction to put all of its power to the road and accelerate as quickly as possible. It will also make the M3 much more of an all-weather sports car than before.

What’s really interesting is that BMW seems to want to change the philosophy of the M3 just a bit. While not a full 180-turnaround in scope, the new BMW M3 will be a bit softer, less spiky than before. Expect a more compliant, more planted ride that’s not only more comfortable but more controllable as well. This is actually welcome news, as the current F80 M3 is almost too stiff for its own good, as it ends up feeling twitchy and nervous over rough pavement. It could actually use a bit softer of a setup. So while being a bit nicer to drive, it will also provide better limit control, especially on rough pavement.

This upcoming G80 BMW M3 should be the fastest, most technologically impressive M3 yet. Will that take away some of the purity and the fun? Maybe, yes. However, it seems as if BMW is letting the M2 take the M3’s place as the pure sports car of the lineup.

[Source: Car Magazine]