UK-based IT specialists Taylor Made Computer Solutions is switching to an all-electric fleet starting with six BMW i3 pool cars with its customary high-profile branding. The UK firm is well-known for its fleet of nearly 50 branded Skoda Octavias and says it’s clear the future for cars is electric and it’s keen to embrace the technology earlier rather than later.

Founder and managing director Nigel Taylor said: “With the Government planning to ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars from 2040, it’s never been clearer that the future is electric.

“Businesses have a significant role to play in the switch to alternatively fuelled vehicles and we’re keen to start that journey right now.”

Taylor Made’s transition to an all-electric fleet will start next month, when it takes delivery of six BMW i3s. The vehicles will be used as ‘pool cars’ for the company’s 115 employees, who need to be ready to dash out and help clients at a moment’s notice.

It’s not the first time that we see the i3 turned into a fleet car. From police and fire departments to banks, the i3 can be found around the world serving as a business car.

[Source: BusinesscarManager]