The 1 Series as we all love and know it is on its way out. In order to make the passing from a RWD platform to a FWD one, BMW decided to give the 1 Series range a bit more love than usual. The facelift brought forward some serious restyling thanks to Calvin Luk, the same man who drew the BMW X3. Then, this year, the Germans decided to give the 1 Series a bit more style by enhancing it even more thanks to some minor tweaks here and there.

In the usual BMW way, the Germans posted a short clip on their official Youtube video, guiding us through everything that’s new inside and outside the revised 1er. The thing is, while we’ve known Chris Brow for a while now, this time around he gets a co-host and things get… let’s just say interesting. Now, I’m not going to judge their performance together, leaving you to do so, but I think we can all agree things could’ve been a lot better.

The co-host is Lina van der Mars, a professional race car driver who competed for Opel a complete rally season in the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup in the context of the German Rally Championship. On top of that she is also a certified mechatronics mechanic and she hosted a number of TV shows related to the automotive field. She is, if you will, a kind of Sabine Schmitz but a bit younger and not as well known outside of Germany.

The two go through the updates introduced on the 1 Series and they do cover everything but there’s still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the chemistry between them. I guess baby steps are in order here as well.