New BMW G05 X5 will be introduced in Summer 2018

BMW X5 | November 12th, 2017 by 17
2018 BMW X5 G05 test mule 830x553

BMWBLOG has just learned that the next-generation BMW X5 will be introduced in the Summer of 2018, followed by a market launch in the Fall of the same year (dates vary by market). The production of the F15 X5 is scheduled to end in BMW’s Spartanburg plant in July 2018 with the new model slotted to being production shortly after. This also means that the X5 will skip the traditional BMW mid-cycle refresh and will end its production five years into its lifecycle, which makes it one of the shorter production times of modern BMWs.

2018 BMW X5 G05 test mule 830x647

Being of the best selling BMW SUVs worldwide – that title is being disputed with the X3 in some markets – the X5 is without a doubt the bread-and-butter of the BMW trucks lineup. It’s not only the first SAV ever made by the Bavarians, but also one with the highest profit margins and an icon in the premium SUV segment.

And as we’ve seen last week, the new G05 X5 will be without a doubt the best looking X5 ever made. The general proportions and shape remains the same, as BMW hasn’t had a totally new design language in years, but a closer look reveal larger kidney grilles sitting more upright, similar to what we saw on the Concept X7.

The side view features a more slopping roofline compared to the current generation X5, while the two character lines running from rear to front emphasize the dynamics of this car. One of them, runs below the door handles which is different than current BMW models.

Built atop the CLAR architecture, the G05 X5 is going to shed some serious weight, the main reason why this revamp is in the works in the first place. A mix of magnesium, aluminum and even CFRP will be infused into its body and chassis, and they should prove providential in changing the way the car handles. Of course, it will impact the fuel consumption, in a positive way as well.

We expect to see the G05 X5 prototypes moving towards the last stage of testing in early 2018, which means we will get to see far more details of its design.

17 responses to “New BMW G05 X5 will be introduced in Summer 2018”

  1. Bmw driver says:

    The reason for this quick replacement (which we will see with a few other models) is electrification and autonomous driving. BMW needs to get these new chassis out there or get left behind.

    • disqus_w88QpnMMf3 says:

      The reason for the quick replacement is this model was an update of the previous, NOT a new platform. The entire range is being updated on CLAR.

      • Bmw driver says:

        Hello again, Terry. I think you’re misunderstanding, CLAR can support BEV, that’s why they’re introducing it. The current PHEV X5 is not a full BEV. Just because you can’t see the writing on the wall doesn’t mean BMW can’t. Also autonomous driving is already here. Where have you been the past 5 years?

        • disqus_w88QpnMMf3 says:

          You have NO idea who u r typing 2 or what u r typing about. Start providing sources as u have NO credibility.

        • Max says:

          The PHEV is not a full BEV. WOW! That is the surprise of 2017! :D:D:D
          And hes right, its updatet because the one before was basically a big facelift over the old one and now its going to CLAR. So difficult to understand?

          • Bmw driver says:

            Your friend is gone. Sadly it’s not my fault you don’t know why CLAR was developed, but as we’ve discovered, you don’t know much about BMW.

          • Max says:

            We aren’t talking about the reasons of CLAR! We are talking about the shortened life cycle of the X5 idiot🤦🏻‍♂️
            But who I am talking to, someone who thinks PHEV is BEV. That tells everything…

  2. Icebreakerr says:

    looks beastly

  3. Autopal says:

    Horatiu, sorry to hijack this thread, but do you know the time of the G20 3 series? Will it be before the G05 X5?

  4. Senne says:

    Looks gorgeous!! :o

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