The Driveway

A 2 meter wide Musk Customs wing on an E36 BMW?

Shakotan style exhaust, musk customs wing on the back, overfenders and aluminum spike lug nuts for the wheels. This E36 has it all! This has been a three year build for Rellen, but this season…

Widebody BMW X1 04 830x553

Highly modified widebody BMW X1

I have no idea where to start this story at. I might not be the most versed individual when it comes to tuned BMWs, but I have never seen such mods on an SUV before….

The Driveway: 2012 BMW M3 Coupe (E92)

1995 BMW E34 520i 14 830x553

The Driveway: 1995 BMW E34 520i

“The Driveway” is a series of article dedicated to BMW fans who love to share their passion and cars with the rest of the world. And today’s chapter makes no exception. “The Driveway” features Claudiu…

The Driveway: 1978 BMW 635CS Hartge

A few months ago, we’ve started a new series of articles that focuses on cars owned by our readers. We called the series, “The Driveway”, and it has been a successful one so far. We’ve…

2001 BMW 330ci the driveway 3 750x500

The Driveway: 2001 BMW 330ci

One of the most iconic 3 Series to date is the E46 chassis and especially one particular model – the 330ci. Today’s “The Driveway” features a 330ci hailing from Canada, in pristine condition and beautiful…

2005 BMW E46 M3 Convertible 14 750x500

The Driveway: 2005 BMW E46 M3 (manual) convertible

BMWBLOG’s “The Driveway” series returns this week with another fan’s favorite. This week, “The Driveway” features a 2005 BMW E46 M3 in the convertible guise and with a six-speed manual transmissions. The E46 M3 needs…

BMW E30 M3 the driveway 1 750x500

The Driveway: 1988 BMW M3

I get to see a lot of nice cars in our parking garage over at 343 Industries, and one of those nice cars happens to be what many would call the “Genesis” of all M…