The current BMW X1 is a big improvement over its predecessor. While the old X1 was praised for its handling and poise on the road, it did come with some drawbacks, especially in the practicality department. And for a crossover that’s used by soccer moms predominantly, this was a big issue for the Germans. Most of those issues were solved though when the F48 came out, despite disappointing old-school fans of the brand.

That disappointment came from the UKL platform, on which the X1 is based, turning it into a FWD or all-wheel drive creation. However, this change freed up the designers and engineers to offer more room inside alongside more comfort and luggage space in the boot. Furthermore, the engines have been mounted transversely for the exact same reason, allowing BMW to make the X1 more compact for navigating busy city streets, where it’s going to spend most of its days.

The guys over at What Car decided to put the best pick of the range to the test, the xDrive20d model with the M Sport package. This is the model many should go for as it has the best mix of frugality and performance of the range. Sure, the xDrive25i model is the fastest but then again, it is quite thirsty and has less torque to bask you in. What Car seem to think that the xDrive18d model would be better suited as its 150 HP are enough for you daily needs.

However, they also go into a lot more detail about what you should know when if comes to the new X1 and they do a good job at it too. If you’re interested in buying this car, this is quite a useful review which should help you understand it better, especially if you live in the UK.