When the BMW M550i xDrive was launched the main talking point behind it was that it reached 60 mph faster than the outgoing F10 M5. However, people familiar with the differences between an M Performance car and a purebred M model knew that this was basically the only win the M550i might have over the old M5. While straight line acceleration might be everything for some, the Motorsport division stands for much more than just that.

Therefore, ever since the new 5 Series came out, people have been wondering just what might happen if the two went at it on the drag strip. Those knowing a thing or two about racing in a straight line might’ve told you that the advantage offered by xDrive to the M550i will fade off after the traditional 1/4 mile. The added traction of the M Performance model means it will outsprint the M5 in the first 400 yards or so but then, once the M car manages to get a grip, it will simply outpace its rival here due to its superior power figures.

That’s exactly what happens in the video below. The M550i seems to be launching like a rocket compared to the M5 and wins the 1/4 mile run easily but if that race would’ve been just a bit longer, the M car would’ve caught up with it and, rest assured, would overtake it. Furthermore, the channel that posted this drag race also put the two cars to the test around a proper race track and the results are just what we expected.

The BMW M5 finished the lap a full six seconds faster than its M550i brother on a rather short track. On a longer circuit, like Nurburgring, for example, the difference would’ve been a lot bigger. Therefore, the dispute can finally be put to rest.

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