One curious visitor to Queenstown, New Zealand, was treated to the ultimate driving experience in the snow after simply standing on a footpath sticker inviting someone to “get the M feeling”. The unsuspecting Kiwi was plucked from the streets of Queenstown and whisked away by helicopter to BMW’s Alpine xDrive event, high above the ski resort.

Jayden Klinac, a keen snowboarder from Arrowtown, was visiting Queenstown when he noticed the invitation on the pavement.

“I thought to myself I’ll probably look a little silly just standing there, but I’m glad I did! The BMW team jumped out and totally surprised me with this amazing experience,” says Mr Klinac.

Klinac joined 24 paying guests at Cardrona Valley’s Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground that day, getting behind the wheel of BMW’s M vehicles and latest xDrive models in some of the most in some of the most challenging – and exhilarating – conditions imaginable.

Under the watchful eye of an instructor from BMW’s international Driving Experience team, Klinac spent the day drifting on ice, power sliding around the skid circle, competing on the ice slalom and a high-speed hot lap on snow covered roads.

The surprised Kiwi said he had never thought he’d have such an experience and was elated his curiosity was rewarded. “I was super excited spending the day drifting through the ice in the skid circle – it wasn’t something I ever thought I’d do,” adds Klinac.

BMW Group New Zealand head of marketing, Gabrielle Byfield, says the invitation was intentionally vague in order to attract someone willing to give new things a go.

“Experiencing the Ultimate Driving Machines in quite possibly the perfect location is something that’s hard to beat. And being able to share that ‘M feeling’ with Jayden – who the instructor said was impressive – was really special,” Byfield says.

Each year, more than 250 guests from all over the world pay for the experience which includes the driving day, helicopter transfers, cocktail and dinner events and five-star accommodation.

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