The BMW M2 is heading towards its Life Cycle Impulse days, so the production for the pre-facelift model is coming to a stop. This provided a great opportunity for a number of BMW fans to count every single car made and put the results in a nice spreadsheet to see exactly what people like the most. As it turns out, the results are in no way surprising, and confirm the trends BMW has been talking about for quite some time. Unfortunately, they also seem to show that the manual transmission is on its back leg.

As far as color choices go, the most popular one is, without a doubt, Long Beach Blue. Worldwide, 42.9 percent of the BMW M2 cars sold so far have been ordered in Long Beach Blue and that’s a crushing domination over the rest of the choices customers have at hand considering the runner up is Alpine White with 22 percent followed by Mineral Grey with 17.9 percent and Black Sapphire Metallic with 17.3 percent. Only 0.007 percent of all cars have been ordered in a different color other than what BMW offers as standard.

When it comes to the gearbox choices, customers were also quite prone to the 7-speed DCT unit which accounted for 74.4 percent of all cars. The remaining 25.6 percent were, of course, manual gearbox M2s. And while the worldwide figures tell a rather disappointing story, looking over the US figures things are a lot better balanced. As a matter of fact, the US is the only country where the manual box is more popular than the automatic, 52.1 percent of the cars ordered here being manuals.

In the rest of the countries, the domination of the dual-clutch is undeniable. In Germany, 22.3 percent of the M2 models sold were equipped with a third pedal while while in the UK things looked only slightly better with 30.4 percent. Overall nearly 15,000 BMW M2 models have been sold so far worldwide.