Just a day after seeing a rare E34 BMW M5 Touring go up for auction on Bring-A-Trailer, another rare M5 is up for sale. Except this time, it’s one that a few more enthusiasts will like — an E28 BMW M5.

The E28 M5 is the original and the car that started the famous lineage. It’s also one of the greatest BMWs of all time. So, naturally, BMW fans have a soft spot for it. But it’s also quite rare, with only a few hundred making their way ‘Stateside. So when we see one for sale in the US, we get pretty excited, especially when it’s one this clean and this well-kept. This one also has a rare color scheme, being black on black, whereas most E28 M5s were black but had tan interiors.

This specific 1988 BMW M5 is said to be one of only thirty black on black examples to come to the United States. While, personally, I prefer the E28 M5 with its classic black-over-tan color scheme, the black interior does looks cool and a bit sportier. Its black leather also seems to be in really good condition, with no major rips or wear anywhere to be found. There are slight bits of wear to be found but it’s in seriously good condition, considering it’s 29 years old.

On the outside, it’s really nice but not perfect, which is actually the way many enthusiasts, myself included, would prefer their classics. There are some rock chips and really, really minor rust spots but all of that means you can drive it without worry. If a classic is perfect, you can’t drive it without worrying something is going to happen to it. Which is why so many beautiful classics end up with cobwebs and dust in some garage. These cars are meant to be driven and you can tell this one has been. So that means its next buyer can as well.

What impressive even more about its quality is that it’s been driven and driven a lot. It has 186,000 miles on its odometer which is a serious amount of mileage. It’s still not bad for a 29 year old car but it shows it’s really been driven. And when you consider how much it’s been driven with how good it looks, you realize it must have been seriously well-maintained. That’s encouraging. The seller even included some videos on the listing that show its engine running and some driving shots. Just listen to that engine while revving high on the road. It’s superb.

At the time of writing this, the current bid is at $9,885 and there are seven days left to bid. So that price will dramatically go up from here. However, we think it’s worth it, as this will be an incredible classic BMW to own and to drive for many years to come.

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]