The Frankfurt Motor Show will be the place where, after exactly 60 years from the unveiling of the original Mini, the next step in the brand’s evolution will take place. This is where we’ll get to see the MINI Electric Concept in the metal, a proper preview of an upcoming EV from the British brand. What the MINI Electric Concept shows us is quite close to how the production model will turn out and we’re hoping the Union Jack taillights will be kept.

The new car is now also showcased around the Internet in its first videos. Looking at it in pictures is one thing but seeing it on the move, especially with those funky wheels on, gives us a better understanding of its design. Unfortunately, MINI has been quiet on the specs, but it’s quite possible that the hatch will be using the same engine and battery pack as the i3 which should make the MINI Electric quite a zippy car to drive around town.

That’s especially true if it gets the powertrain of the BMW i3S. With 184 HP and 270 Nm (200 lb-ft) of torque, the small hatch would probably be faster than the current MINI Cooper S to 60 mph from standstill. Of course, a lot will depend on the weight the production model will have in the end but even so, it’s going to be a fast and most likely fun car to drive. Chip in the funky, typical MINI design and we sincerely can’t wait to get behind its wheel.

Speaking of which, the first customers will be taking delivery of their cars in late 2018. There’s still a full year to go until the first MINI EV will be rolling off production lines but we’re getting ready nonetheless. For those living in Germany, close to Frankfurt, a trip down to the Motor Show kicking off next month would definitely be recommended, if you’re curious about this new MINI. For the rest of us, the videos below show be a good panacea.