When it comes to cars, people don’t expect them to win awards for connectivity, especially if they are handed out by computer magazines. However, the G30 BMW 5 Series did just that in a survey carried out by the people over at Computer Bild, Europe’s highest-circulation computer magazine. The 5er won the Goldener Computer award in the “Connected Car” category. The business athlete won the most votes for its extensive connectivity offering, turning BMW into the only car maker to win a “Goldener Computer” award in 2017.

BMW was quick to spot the growing importance of connectivity between vehicles, their drivers and the outside world – and the possibilities it opened up – with its ConnectedDrive solutions. And it took the lead in driving forward development of the relevant technology. The company’s third “Goldener Computer” award in the “Connected Car” category, which was included in the survey for the fifth time this year, shows that BMW’s leading role has also been noted by the public.

Integrating e-mail accounts into the car via Microsoft Exchange enables the best possible data security when it comes to managing calendar entries, e-mail and contacts. And with BMW Connected the new 5 Series creates a digital bridge between the car and the user’s smartphone. This digital assistant allows smartphone content to be viewed and used on the Control Display. BMW Connected also helps the driver with their personal appointment and mobility planning – both while on the move and at their home or workplace.

In doing so, it gets to know the user better all the time and gears its responses increasingly to their personal preferences. For route guidance, BMW Connected uses the car’s navigation system, which also enables three-dimensional route display (optional) and incorporates Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) into its route calculations. BMW Connected also uses the Remote 3D View function to enable the driver to monitor the area around their car remotely on their smartphone.

The new BMW 5 Series comes as standard with a WiFi hotspot, too, which uses a SIM card embedded in the car to give passengers online access from up to ten devices. In addition, the hotspot presents customers with the option of using Apple CarPlay wirelessly and inductively charging suitably equipped smartphones. Further comfort and convenience are provided by clever online services ParkNow and On-Street Parking Information, which customers can use to reserve a parking space and pay for it cash-free or help to find vacant spaces at the side of the road. The Remote Services – which include a handy Vehicle Finder function – and Concierge Services, which offer personalized assistance with destination selection and travel arrangements.

This is the 20th time that “Computer Bild”, “Computer Bild Spiele”, “Audio Video Foto Bild” and their shared technology portal www.computerbild.de have got together to present the “Goldener Computer”, today considered among the most prestigious awards in the European IT sector. Prizes are awarded each year to innovations garnering the most votes in an online poll of more than 20,000 respondents. The “Connected Car” category introduced in 2013 is evidence of the importance now attached to intelligent vehicle connectivity.