Rumor: BMW plans 2 Series Active Tourer successor, future Gran Tourer canceled

2 Series | August 24th, 2017 by 21
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The next BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is supposed to be more handsome than the current MPV. The second edition – codename U08 – will arrive in 2021 and is based on an optimized version of the current front-wheel drive platform. At the same time, the Gran Tourer is being scraped and won’t follow the steps of the smaller Active Tourer.

The next 2 Series Active Tourer will be able to increase its length and wheelbase, this means more space for the rear passengers and in the luggage compartment. There is little change in positioning also: the price range reaches from just under 30,000 to just over 40,000 euros.

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer South Africa 82 750x501

The highlights of the future Active Tourer include new LED and OLED lights, navigation and control systems, a new display technology building on micro-optics and holography, and a head-up display with augmented-reality representation. In doing so, an additional display level is introduced, which provides important information on the current driving situation in the primary field of view. The gesture control introduced in the 7er is enhanced by additional touch-sensitive input functions and in the second step by an integrated view control.

The drive technology of the next 2 Series Active Tourer will not change much. Petrol and diesel will produce more power and torque, the plug-in hybrid is combined with the 48-volt electrical system, and 252 hp 230i is available on demand.The electrified rear axle has been maintained, with the 65 kW electric motor being replaced by a stronger 80 kW engine. An M Performance version with all-wheel drive and up to 300 HP strong 2.0-liter four-cylinder is conceivable, but not yet greenlit.

As part of the Active Drive offensive, additional stability control systems are developed, of which especially the brake-by-wire technology is also relevant for the front-wheel drive. Here, stability control and brake system in a single electro-hydraulic unit are combined, which has no brake booster, vacuum pump, cables and control devices. The lightweight and compact component shortens the stopping distance by rapid pressure build-up.

The current 2 Series Active Tourer has been successful in Europe, which will likely remain the main market for the quirky, yet practical and premium minivan.

[Source: Autobild]

21 responses to “Rumor: BMW plans 2 Series Active Tourer successor, future Gran Tourer canceled”

  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    Another good news, i didn’t get why they felt like doing two almost identical models in the first place, just make the active tourer bigger and put a third row option

    • Matt Stokes says:

      They have the X1L now, I could see that being a popular choice for those needing a third row.. IF BMW bought it over from China.

      • Kaisuke971 says:

        Idk to me the audience (soccer moms and dads who dropped the balls) would be more in an MPV than a small suv because i’m pretty sure they have the most cabin room out of all cars their size

  2. Johan Mo says:

    100% EV version please :)

  3. Dailybimmer says:

    Bmw should offer the 2er Active Tourer in USA as 1er Active Tourer and it will be a hit.

    • JRobUSC says:

      That would be interesting. BMW just released details of what is probably the best performing sedan in the history of the world in the new M5, and the “purists” at Bimmerpost wasted zero time pooping all over it. Can you even imagine what the reaction to this would be? The internet would melt.

      • Terry Cowan says:

        BMW are to car companies as The Walking Dead is to television – the greater their success, the more they are hated. Bring on the braindead!

        • JRobUSC says:

          I think there’s more to it than just envy, because it’s not just blog comments. Look at the number of articles that act as if BMW is on the verge of failure, as if a dip in U.S. sales means the brand is in ruins, all ignoring that globally BMW continues to have record years over and over in terms of both sales and profits. There seems to be a concerted effort to hurt BMW going on in the U.S. press. Meanwhile Audi creeps forward in U.S. sales but is actually shrinking globally, and the press can’t pat them on the back fast enough. The press barely even mentions Audi’s role in Dieselgate, as if they aren’t part of VW. It’s interesting, and very noticable.

          • Terry Cowan says:

            And laughable.

          • Max says:

            I wonder if this is related to Trump and his jealousy about the performance of BMW (or German OEMs in general). But US brands are decreasing too, so I think the market itself is just cleaning up.
            I dont know how many but I heard a lot of people in the US got credits very easy to buy a new car, maybe that changed a bit?
            Because used cars are selling very well instead.

          • Dailybimmer says:

            Can you imagine 4 cylinder with 300 HP and AWD for such minivan from Bmw? That would be the “M5” among the minivans. The Active Tourer would definetly help Bmw to rise their car sales in the US again.

      • bmw driver says:

        Bimmerpost is full of thousands of people who spent their money on a new BMW. There are far more actual BMW customers there than on here. They have every right to voice complaints about the latest weak sauce M car.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          That’s actually debatable but you’re entitled to your opinion. The facts are so much different.

        • Terry Cowan says:

          BMW do not actually manufacture sauce. They came back from bankruptcy on the 1500, before that the Isetta under license and 700 with motorcycle engines. They are an engineering company that built to today’s volume on small cars, as they are doing again with the i3, to name one. M5 has record hp. and awd., which M is weak? I’ve known a couple of M drivers whose vehicles were too much for them, perhaps Bimmerpost typists are the same.

          • bmw driver says:

            What M-car do you drive, Terry? As far as bimmerpost posters go, I’ve met several in real life. Never met anyone from here.

          • Terry Cowan says:

            And we are all grateful. Keep up the good work. I live in a city of 7 million. I do not drive M. I admire them in traffic. Since you can read, I will try again: which M car is insufficiently saucy?

      • Dailybimmer says:

        I see business case for such Bmw minivan
        in the US but only with AWD. Such Bmw sports van is made for moms who bring their Children to school or kindergarten. The 2 series should be reserved extra for the coupes and convertible models with RWD of course, otherwise it would confuse potential M240i/M2 customers and buyers like those on Bimmerpost.

  4. Chris Llana says:

    It may look like a “minivan,” but if you look at the dimensions, it’s actually a small car — lighter, lower, and more efficient than an X1. So more accurately might be described as a hatch.

  5. Senne says:

    Good to read that the Gran Tourer is being scraped. Because let’s be honest: that car is a disgrace for BMW. The Active Tourer I think is far from bad looking, in fact it’s better looking than most MPVs for sure and it drives better than 100% of them. In Europe it’s a massive success. Although I’ve always found it silly that they didn’t call it a 1 Series, because it’s VERY confusing since the even numbers should be Coupes, Gran Coupes, Convertibles and now GTs as well (the 5 GT has become 6 GT and apparently the 3 GT will also become 4 GT, I guess that sort of makes sense at least).

    Remarkable how much you know already even when it’s only going to be released in 2021! A 300 HP MPV is nuts, but fun and I hope BMW will do that and bring it to the US as well.

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