Photo Comparison: F90 BMW M5 vs F10 BMW M5 — Old vs New

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2018 BMW M5 exterior 11 830x553

With BMW M cars, it always seems that as soon as a new model comes out, fans long for the old one. It’s almost as …

With BMW M cars, it always seems that as soon as a new model comes out, fans long for the old one. It’s almost as if it doesn’t matter what BMW does, fans will always want what it used to be. When the original F10 BMW M5 came out, fans were incredibly impressed with how it looked and how much performance it had. But fans longed for its predecessor’s naturally-aspirated, howling V10 and lack of fancy tech. Now, though, I think we can say that this might be the first time in a long time that fans will almost immediately appreciate the new car over the last.

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The brand-new F90 BMW M5 is a radical change for BMW M. It marks the first non-SUV product from the brand to use all-wheel drive. Admittedly, its all-wheel drive system does have some M Division injected into it, so it can completely switch off to rear-wheel drive and stay there as long as the driver desires. So F90 M5 owners can fill their lungs with as much tires smoke as they so choose. And it will be easy for them to do so, as the new F90 M5 packs 600 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque from its newly-updated 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8. But being that we haven’t driven the new M5 yet, obviously, we can’t say that it’s better than the old car. We can, though, say it’s better looking.

From the front, the new car is vastly improved. It looks lower, sleeker and meaner in every way. It’s far more handsome than the old F10-generation M5, which looks chunky and bulbous by comparison. The new headlights are far sleeker, the Kidney Grilles are larger but better looking and the front air intakes looks more functional better sorted. The F90 just looks tighter, crisper and sportier from the front. I also think the mirrors look very cool on the new M5 and are just “bleh” on the old one.

Down the side, the new F90 M5 is the more muscular looking car. The way the fender flare sort of swell around the wheels and how the fender vents seems to shoot out of them makes the new M5 looks faster, more aggressive. It also looks visually lower and longer, making it seem more svelte and dynamic.

From the back is where the new M5 seems the most improved, on the exterior. The old taillights and rear bumper look positively chunky and dull by comparison. The new F90’s rear is far sleeker and sharper. Also, the new F90’s rear diffuser actually looks as if it could be functional, whether or not it actually is. The old F10’s diffuser seems like it was bought at Advanced Auto Parts. At the rear, the new F90 is leaps and bounds ahead of the old F10, in terms of design.

Inside, though, the differences between the F90 and F10 make the exterior differences seem subtle. Everything inside the F90 is far superior to the F10. The Steering wheel, seats, dash layout, iDrive screen, iDrive system, shift lever and technology are all significantly improved in the new F90. Plus, it even gets a new button that really changes the game, with the exhaust button. Now, you can have comfort everything with loud exhaust (yay!).

Overall, the new BMW M5 blows the doors off the old one, in terms of design. It’s a real step forward for BMW and it’s one of the best looking M5s to date, both inside and outside.

6 responses to “Photo Comparison: F90 BMW M5 vs F10 BMW M5 — Old vs New”

  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    The F90 definitely is the most agressive looking of them all, but idk if it looks that much better than the F10 though. I’ll wait till i see one in person because it’s very close imo, that F10 M5 was a very good looking car

  2. Tunmishe Oke says:

    Honestly, I do not know what the writer is all about in this article. The F10 was and is still a very beautiful car. Most of the exterior changes are cosmetic on the new car, but the older model was a looker itself. Calling a dog a bad name won’t hang it in this case. Welcome F90. Let’s see what your tenor as the M5 will bring!

  3. Senne says:

    I agree usually “we”, the BMW fanatics, prefer the old car over the new model. However this time I feel different. I think the F90 will be way better in every way than the F10 M5 and even E60 M5. It’s an amazing machine, I would buy it instantly if I were in the market for a fast daily driver.

    • Senne says:

      I don’t agree that the F10 looks “chunky and bulbous”. It’s an evolution, and I do prefer the design of the F90 over the F10 M5, but the F10 is still very beautiful. One thing I simply LOVE about the front is that they did put those lines in middle of the bonnet similar to the F10, which makes it really stand out compared to the “regular” 5 Series. This clearly is the top of the line, whereas the difference with the M Sport Package on the F10 and the M5 was less noticeable imo.

      • Senne says:

        Then again I do agree on the interior: it’s a vast improvement. Again the difference between any other 5 Series and the F90 is very noticeable thanks to e.g. the newly designed shifter, the red accents and those GORGEOUS seats.

  4. Moon River says:

    As an owner of the new “vastly improved” F90 M5, I find the article amusing. I have never driven an F10 M5 so cannot comment on the driving dynamics. However, in terms of appearance, I am still learning to tell the difference between the 2 at a glance, having owned the car just for a month. I really do not think they look all that different. I special ordered a blue on brown F90 with all the options (except rear seat entertainment) after reading all the rave reviews of the car. Having had/have numerous sports and exotics as well as AMGs, I wanted a fast, inconspicuous and above all else, comfortable daily driver. Sadly, the ride is just too harsh for it to be truly comfortable, even in the comfort setting. The sport/+ settings will never be used by me. It is a quality ride with good damping, but the comfort level does not hold a candle to my previous 2001 and 2006 E55s, or even the 2007 ML63 which the M5 replaced. Seems this is the current trend for fast sedans (the Panamera rode just as stiff). Maybe I should have tried the E63s first, but I just did not want another AMG and wanted to try an M5 instead of the AMG equivalent as I had in the past. The interior is of excellent quality as well and quite beautiful (aesthetically better than comparable MBs to my eyes), but the seats, despite all the adjustments, are simply not the most comfortable, at least for my sensitive back. One thing it does have going for it is speed (fast is a must; my current cars have 480-616 hp), but it is so quiet inside (save for the available fake noise which is usually turned off) one has to do crazy arrest-me-speeds to feel the thrill. This is a good thing at times and bad at others. All in all, to me it is a 7-8 out of 10 car. I just wish it rode softer in the softest setting and had a more feelsome steering.

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